The INTENTIONAL CREATIVITY® Approach. Where story, art and science intersect

‘For more than two decades MUSEA has nurtured an Intentional Creativity cultural framework rooted in the teachings of a matriarchal art lineage of storytelling and images. Intentional Creativity is an inter-disciplinary practice weaving creative arts, sciences, somatics, transpersonal psychology and archaeomythology’. (

As a member of Musea, I paint regular with a meaning, a purpose. And I sometimes write.

I love to create art and I have many daily challenges to fill up my ‘cup’. I was recently pondering what I am going to do with my creative talents. Am I restructuring my daily practice and expanding it with new possibilities? Or just going further with the Intentional Creativity approach? And deepening this process? I let the ideas come and go.

I love the ‘Apothecary’ course. One of my Medicine paintings I showed at the global Many muses, many Lands exhibition.

I also love to collage. Recently I made a collage to show my feelings about the incredible, awful descision one of the worldleaders made.

I put the restructuring of my creative work on hold and I’m seeing forward what will come. Focus and Fill up my daily cup is the answer for now.

So, I feel that I need to use all my creative possibilities to express my wishes, my understandings, perceptions, how life can be.


Prayers for Peace

@Celia Barsby, One of the Cosmic Smashbook teachers reached out to her creative participants to have a Zoom meeting to create a Sunflowerpage in our Cosmic Smashbook.

Such a page is a deep, intentional, energetic, creative work we made together and we sent also our prayers of peace, hope and love to the people of Ukraine during a meditation.

It is not about creating a perfect artwork, it’s about connecting to our soul and let us guide to an energetic, intentional message translated into art.

Factory Art

Sometimes I see ‘Art’ in open space.

Few month ago we needed sand and gravel. We went therefore to a fabric, also a sand pit and a stone mine, to buy the stuff. This was an oldfashioned fabric. I loved it what I saw. That’s real factory Art.

Creating a Cosmic Smash Book.

Cosmic Smashbooking is a way of creating, art, journaling, fun, and wild discovery. This type of creating is developed by Catt Geller, an Intentional Creativity© teacher.

How to create?

I bought a cheap notebook and started to create my Cosmic Smash Book. I crumbled all the pages after I have glued two pages together through the the whole Smash Book.

In the middle of the CSB I made a resting page to calm down, a sort of grounding page to bring myself back to my center. I drew my hands and coloured the drawing. For grounding I put my hands on the painting hands. I do this when needed.

I made my own cover for the front and back of the CSB and you can decorate with colourful ribbons.

How I use it? I paint, draw, collage, write, and sometimes I combine all of these. Mostly I use my Cosmic Smashbook to do some inquiries, to dive deep in a issue that I find interesting or that bothers me. I ask myself questions and I’m looking for answers while writing, and transform it into a creative page. I use it also to write down the key points when I follow an online seminar.

I wished I learned to use a Cosmic Smash Book from the time of my little children school. It’s never too late to learn. It gives me a different perspective, and a playful mind. It looks like I got more space for creativity possibilities.


Written by Selma at Art Avalon Cadimas, Portugal.







A personal Oracle Deck

At the end of may 2021 I followed an online Inspirational Oracle class , named ‘Wild card’ given by the curator of MUSEA, Shiloh Sophia.

I made at my own pace my personal oracle deck. The purpose was to create at least 44 wild cards.

I used Old Holland printing paper to paint with Golden fluid acrylics and drew with a fineliner. When creating my wild cards I followed my intuition to draw a symbol or an inspirational object/subject from Nature. Also by choosing the painting colours.

Every day I was creating my wild cards at my art studio on our beautiful property Cadimas nearby the Serra da Estrela in Portugal. For me in a very inspirational wild and raw landscape./environment.

One day I had ‘fog in my brains‘. I let myself inspired to what I see outside and what I feel. I find it amazing if I just go with the flow how creative a human can be. The shape of the drawings were different, also I changed the painting colours. I started to mix Van Dijck brown with Ultramarine blue. A beautiful grey appeared.

I completed my oracle deck with wrapping my wild cards in painted brown paper as a gift for myself.

The used Red Thread is a symbol for the worldwide connection with my fellow artist all over the world.

You already know, it is a personal Oracle Deck. But I show you my wrapped deck and an oracle wild card.